Nagin Sabz Saveh Company started an activity in 2013 in the field of buying and selling all kinds of agricultural inputs by obtaining a nationwide distribution license for vegetable pesticides and also setting up a herbal medicine clinic. During this period, it continued its extensive activity by creating a nationwide sales network in the country and with this history, it started building a factory in Saveh Industrial City from 2016.

Negin Sabz Saveh factories, by equipping the most modern and up-to-date production devices and employing expert forces and production technicians and obtaining legal permits from industry, mining and trade organizations, preserve plants, water, soil and the environment while producing high-quality products. The best products, including all kinds of poisons and emulsifying oils, as well as all kinds of solid and liquid fertilizers and soil improvers, with a wide variety of products with the best and highest quality Iranian and foreign raw materials, are providing services to the country’s agricultural sector.