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Introducing Negin Sabz Company


Nagin Sabz Saveh Company started an activity in 2013 in the field of buying and selling all kinds of agricultural inputs by obtaining a nationwide distribution license for vegetable pesticides and also setting up a herbal medicine clinic.
During this period, it continued its extensive activity by creating a nationwide sales network in the country and with this history, it started building a factory in Saveh Industrial City from 2016.

Negin Sabz Saveh factories, by equipping the most modern and up-to-date production devices and employing expert forces and production technicians and obtaining legal permits from industry, mining and trade organizations, preserve plants, water, soil and the environment while producing high-quality products. The best products, including all kinds of poisons and emulsifying oils, as well as all kinds of solid and liquid fertilizers and soil improvers, with a wide variety of products with the best and highest quality Iranian and foreign raw materials, are providing services to the country’s agricultural sector.

Why Negin Sabz company?

Demanded quality

The use of high quality products is very important for obtaining the desired results. Negin Sabz Company in order to satisfy customers utilizes the finest compounds and raw materials in the production of pesticides and high quality agricultural fertilizers, according to the approval of the Plant,Water and Soil Protection Organization Of the country.

Free advice

The correct and optimum selection of fertilizers and pesticides is one of the most important concerns of purchasers that plays an essential role in the agricultural industry, professional and expert consultants of Negin Sabz Company in this field are ready to answer all customer questions in order to have their best choice.

Variety of products

The production of the most diverse and high quality agricultural products, such as all kinds of poisons and emulsifying oils, as well as all kinds of solid and liquid fertilizers, soil improvers into all needs of agricultural sectors of the country, is one of the key features of Negin Sabz company that we have successfully achieved.




Features of Negin Sabz company


By having research and development laboratories, improvement and quality control of the product and advanced facilities in the factory and implementing the principles of quality management, this group takes the utmost care to produce advanced products with maximum efficiency, after performing accurate laboratory tests and field to be marketed so that they can seek maximum satisfaction for consumers.

  • Licensed to establish a nationwide distribution company for vegetable pesticides
  • Licensed to produce all kinds of fertilizers from the Soil and Water Research Organization of the country
  • Licensed to produce all kinds of poisons from the country's plant protection organization
  • It has a herbal medicine clinic equipped with all kinds of related devices
  • Has four degrees from the world's most prestigious companies in the educational seminar of Malaysia